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Which White is Right

Is White even a color?  This is a much debated topic.  Depending on who you talk to you will get different answers.  One prominent theory is that pure white is the absence of color because you cannot mix any colors to make pure white; therefore it is not a color.  Another theory suggests that white is a color because it reflects all colors back to the eye.  Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on, every home can benefit from the addition of white to help highlight or brighten certain areas.
There are two different sides to white – warm & cool. 

Warm Whites have creamy yellow, earthy brown or rosy pink tones where as Cool Whites have misty grey, watery blue or fresh green tones.

Your room’s orientation & the amount of natural light coming in the windows will decide which white will work best.
South & West facing rooms:
These rooms receive a lot of warm sunlight therefore both warm & cool whites work well.  If you want to enhance the cozy feeling of the sun then use a warm white.  If the room gets too hot & you want to counteract that then your best bet is to turn to the cool whites. 
North & East facing rooms:
Since these rooms don’t typically get a lot of sunlight they already feel cool.  Using a warm white to offset this will help to create a warmer, cozier feel.

If it’s a trim color you are looking for then try Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa SW 7551 or Pure White SW 7005.

As with any color selection always be sure to view the color in the room you plan to use it in before making the final decision!

RESA-Pro member Kelly Penuita is the Lead Interior Stylist at DecoChic Interiors where she specializes in Residential Interior Decorating and Home Staging in Winnipeg, MB.  Her company is based on integrity, respect and trust – the fundamentals to building lasting relationships with her clients. 
Call today to see how she can help you love your home! 204.795.0968  www.decochicinteriors.ca

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