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How to Pick Accent Colors

So now that you’ve purchased your new sofa, you want to get new art & accessories to coordinate with it. The question is, “where do you begin?”
The easiest place to start is by looking at your accent cushions.  The colors in these accent cushions were specifically chosen to compliment the color of your sofa so they are the perfect jumping-off point.  One thing that will make your shopping trip much more enjoyable (efficient?) is to take an accent cushion with you.  This way you aren’t left guessing if the red in the art you just fell in love with is the same red as in your cushion.
Another way to identify all the color possibilities in your accent cushion is to use the Sherwin Williams “Chip it!” tool, which will provide you with the Sherwin Williams paint colors that are found in your cushion.  From there you can stop by your local Sherwin Williams store to pick up the paint chips on your way to go shopping.  Carrying a few paint chips with you may be easier than a whole cushion but, as good as the technology is, some colors can be interpreted differently in different lights, you may find having the actual cushion with you to be more beneficial.  

If your accent cushion has many colors in it, choose only two or three to pull out to use in your accent pieces.  This will help bring your room together in a unified color scheme without it feeling too busy & overwhelming.  From the photo above I would choose: Rookwood Red, Garden Gate & Foothills.  Red is a great focal accent color, it will draw the eye in & help it travel around the room.  Garden Gate & Foothills are soothing neutral tones that will allow the eye to rest but will still bring color to the room while still adding warmth & depth. 
When buying anything it is important to remember that the lighting in the store is going to be different then the lighting in your home.  It is always a good idea to ask about the store’s return policy before making a big purchase.

RESA-Pro member Kelly Penuita is the Lead Interior Stylist at DecoChic Interiors where she specializes in Residential Interior Decorating and Home Staging in Winnipeg, MB.  Her company is based on integrity, respect and trust – the fundamentals to building lasting relationships with her clients. 
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