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How to Pick Paint Colors

 Picking paint colors can be a very daunting task.  By following a few simple steps this task could be a little less stressful.
If you are starting with a clean slate – no existing furniture, art, accessories that will dictate a certain color palette:
1)      Know which colors you don’t like & eliminate them right away.  This will help to lessen the amount of colors you will be looking through.
2)      Decide whether you want a warm feeling or cool feeling in the room.

Showcasing how to Use a Small Space

We were recently called in to stage the living room of a vacant condo.  In this living room there was a small nook area that buyers were having difficulty envisioning a use for.  With nothing to define the space or provide scale and proportion, the area appeared to be very small and seeing how it could be used was very challenging.  At first glance, we guessed the space was no more the 36” wide and 12” deep if we were lucky.  After pulling out the tape measure we found it actually measures 42” wide by 16” deep.
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