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Thank you to all our clients who have given us the opportunity to help make their property shine and have allowed us to take before and after photos to showcase here.
Be sure to check back often to see what we've been up to!

Decorating a nursery for a very special little girl
*Photos courtesy of Jason Martin

Art collage creation & hanging in Fort Rouge
Occupied staging in Westwood
Occupied staging in Southland Park
Occupied staging condo in Osborne Village

3 bedroom split level in Silver Heights
This property SOLD in 10 days for $25,000.00 over asking!
"Our home officially sold today.  Your staging had everything to do with it.  Thank you again for all your hard work.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone we knew that was in a similar situation."
~ Cindy & Deb ~
Comox, BC
3 bedroom in Fort Richmond, Staged using only the seller's belongings
This property SOLD in 7 days for $37,000.00 over asking!
"Thanks for all you did I'm sure the staging helped bring in this great offer."
~ Eileen & Tom H. ~
Winnipeg, MB
Art placement & hanging in Fort Richmond
Executive condo in Osborne Village

Decor update in Charleswood.
Art placement & hanging in Osborne Village.
3 bedroom 2 storey in St. Vital.
This property SOLD in 14 days for $12,100.00 over asking!
Unfinished basement in La Salle, MB.
2 bedroom + office condo in Royalwood.
"Just wanted to thank you for your work. The place looks great. We have found that you are very organized and efficient and we really appreciate it."
~ Fathima & Mujeeb F. ~
Toronto, ON
3 bedroom bungalow in St James.
This property SOLD in 9 days for $36,000.00 over asking price!
"It’s fabulous!!  Great job Kelly!  Thanks so much."
~ Val S. ~
Winnipeg, MB
2 bedroom bungalow in St Boniface.



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