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Decorating Services
Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance from a professional interior decorator to see your home in a whole new light. If you are looking for a curated custom look or for someone that can help you pull your DIY decor plan together you've come to the right place.

An on-site decorating consultation with DecoChic Interiors can walk you through the transformation steps and provide alternate color options along with furniture, art and accessory placement.

Initial Interior Decorating Consultation
Up to 2 hours on-site.
This time can be used for: answering any decor questions you may have, providing a starting point or direction for your project, offering solutions for decor obstacles or as a the first step for a more in-depth project. 
Fee: $200 

Color Consultation:
2 to 3 rooms on-site.
Choosing paint colors is a very daunting task that usually results in several stressful trips to the paint store.  A Color Consultation can alleviate this stress. I will help you select colors that will transform your spaces into what you envisioned.
Fee: $200 ($25 per additional room) BOOK NOW!
Art Placement & Hanging
Up to 4 hours on-site
Deciding which picture looks best over the sofa, how high to hang the mirror in the entry or how to group an eclectic art collection are not easy decisions.
Fee: $400 

*NEW* Mini-pack Art Placement & Hanging
Up to 2 hours on-site
Perfect for anyone who only needs a few pieces of art hung but just doesn't have the time to do it or is unsure of where they should go!
Fee: $200 
Digital Decorator
Includes custom mood board with product detail
Perfect for those that live out of town, have a very hectic schedule or are in the process of building a new home but want to get started on their decor plan.  All is done via email in order to accommodate any schedule.
Fee: Starting at $400 BOOK NOW!

** Fees subject to change without notice

"We decided to have Kelly come help us with an art consult due to living in our new home for an embarrassing amount of time (think years) with nothing on the walls. There were  a number of factors: we couldn't decide where to put things, we were sick of our art, odd wall spaces, new houses require new art right? Kelly arrived and immediately reassured us we didn't have to purchase new stuff, and she was right. With strategic placement and creativity she brought new life to pieces we had grown tired of in our previous home. She even gave us cost effective ideas to switch things up in the future with existing stuff.  She took some odd spaces and had a number of suggestions that we could do, be it a single picture or a collection. We had the choice to just have her make suggestions and we could do the work, or she would physically do the hanging for us. Definitely take her up doing the hanging for you! She is extremely efficient and knows exactly what she is doing, it's so worth the money! I can't wait to have her back for wall paper advice when I get brave enough." 
~ Glenna M. ~
Winnipeg, MB

"We put all the furniture that arrived together and in the rooms.  Everything looks fabulous, love it all! I particularly like the look of the red slipper chairs, they really add a nice punch to the room.  I also love the curtains in the family room.  They tie everything together nicely and soften the windows.  You did a great job."
~ Luba K. ~
Winnipeg, MB

"Kelly is very personable.  The first time I met her, I was struck by how cheerful and pleasant she was.  I had ideas of what I wanted to do in some areas of my house, but lacked the confidence to implement those ideas.  I needed a professional to provide reassurance before I bought the big ticket items.  Kelly provided reinforcement for what I was already doing and suggested ways of making it better.  I have taken pretty much all her advice, and have received glowing reviews from my friends and family."
~ Jennifer B. ~
East St. Paul, MB

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